how to achieve magazine updates in the most user friendly, "my own brand" manner?

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I am creating a magazine-like app

I need the app content to be updated whenever the publishing staff needs to, 
and yet that
 if internet is not available then 
the previous content could still be seen by customers who have the app

so that if there is no internet availability it wont show "unreachable content" or something like that

I need that the update process,  from the publisher staff's end, be done without the staff knowing about andromo

I was thinking about maybe feed the updates through one of my several webpages, 

but I suppose that if I do that

and when there is no internet connection in the customers' tablet it will show them the "content not vailable" notice, 
which is totally unacceptable

do you have som esort of solution so that I could feed the content through webpage without the "content not available"
notice when there is not internet connection? (so that customers keep the early previous content)?

or do you have a way to update apps content without staff knowing about andromo?

please!!! help, I will upgrade tomorrow if this last issue can be solved, and if price keeps this low I am sure I will be creating lost of new apps!!!



  • The Custom Page activity will work without a data connection. You'll need to 'build' and 'publish' your app each time you update it, but that's the tradeoff. The fact is though, that most people have data connections - and Andromo does everything in an extremely efficient manner. Our developers are fanatics about optimizing stuff...

    Good luck with those apps!

  • sorry, but I am really new to all this wonderful android matters, please what do you mean by:

    "The Custom Page activity will work without a data connection." ?

    what is a "custom page activity"?

    "data connection" is the internet connection by rss or atom feed?

  • what did you utterly mean by that?
  • I checked and I see what you mean
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