Questions re: Number of posts in RSS feed and linking on map

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Hi There,

I have to say that I find andromo a lot more reliable than appmakr and there seem to be far fewer bugs.

At present any rss content that I use on the site only displays 7/8 posts from my wordpress site. Ideally I would like to be able to have 200 scrollable posts. Is this possible. Is it a problem with the configuration of my rss feed or a limitation on andromo's end?

Secondly, I'd like to be able to link the places on an andromo map to posts on my app. Is there a way to hyperlink to articles on the app?

One suggestion for the future. Would it be possible to have a geo rss feed so that posts with related latitude and longitude can be located on a map easily?

Many thanks.


  • I think it may be on your end for the RSS feed info because I have feeds displaying over 100 posts unless andromo has a time expiration on the post then they fall off.

    I like your idea about map location of RSS feed posts that would be nice to see!

  • We are looking into doing a Geo RSS feed activity at some point - maybe 3-4 activities down the line, but it's on the 'wish list'.
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