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Hy friends !

I wanna make an app(for school) which allow users to login and view their details and results .

Is it possible to do this with HtML activity ?
Or by Website Activity ?

I know it can be , by website activity but i don't know how to code a website which allows this feature to my app :((

Anyone here who can solve this problem ?


  • You would need the server side for such features. Where will the login details be stored? You need a database too.
    It could potentially be quite hard to do.
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    :(( oH its bad hear that... Can you do it ? Or can you teach me how to do this please
  • Nope, sadly my HTML is limited. But even if someone can do it, you still need to host the server-side code somewhere (a server PC).
    Someone else could be of more help I think.
  • @jaylamba - You should be using the Website Activity for that. The Website Activity allows you to basically turn your website into an Android app. As for coding your website, there are lots of resources on the web to help get you started. Google it!
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