The New Youtube Api

Can anybody tell me do I need to create a new api key for each app .or can I create one and use it on many apps ..thanks


  • Unless you specifically tie it to a particular app (which we as Andromo users aren't able to do), the API key will work for any Android app. So you can use the same one for all your apps.
  • That's what I too was wondering today. :) But I just went ahead and created a new Key for every app.
  • You should create a new key for each app. Not for each YouTube Activity of course, but for every one of your apps.
  • @tholyoak: the main reason you can't tie it to a particular app is because that functionality is currently broken in the YouTube Data API. Currently if an api key includes any application identifiers (list of SHA1;package items) the api will always return an authorization error. In fact, you could not create an API key with an empty list until a couple weekends ago, after the error was reported to Google. I suspect they started allowing an empty list as a workaround.

  • Thanks, @colinadams. Good to hear a confirmation I did it right. :)
  • I have been away for a couple of days and just saw this post.
    So I checked my apps, that include YT activity and they are all working as they should.
    I only use Playlist IDs, but they are all working fine without using the API key.

    Sorry, if I missed something, but do I HAVE TO create an API key, even everything is working seamlessly?

    Thank you!
  • @sylviathewitch: If you're using Playlist IDs, then yes you will need API keys. Apps built with the old YouTube activity will no longer return any results, unless they were using the single video option (which forms a different kind of URL that should still work). In order to use a playlist ID the YouTube activity now requires an API key in order to build, as the YouTube Data API cannot be used without one.

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