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What would be a good site to use to stream the ringtones to the app instead of uploading them.


  • You can use any web server really. Streaming is always going to be slower than embedding them in your app (and require a data connection), but offers you some flexibility for sure.
  • have any suggestions on how i would do this.
  • You can simply upload your audio file to your website and then point enter that URL into the Audio Track settings. That's it!
  • I feel stupid lol, What do you mean my website, I dont have one. Do I need to create a website to do that. then there are hosting fees and stuff correct.
  • Yes, you need somewhere to host that file if you want to 'stream' it. Perhaps embedding the file in your app would be easier and make more sense? That way you don't have to host it yourself.
  • If i embed though and say I upload 100 sounds then the size of the app could be huge. Do you know of any hosting sites that I could use that would work for this.
  • I have several Soundboards on market and they have cause of the mp3 size 20-30 mb with about 40-70 sounds. so a stream would be a better way.
  • Im sure there are many.  One free one that I use is
  • hello all,
    I have a few soundboards on the market, and what I've noticed is that lowering the quality of the sounds enough to be smaller sizes but not enough so that they sound bad, makes the file sizes MUCH lower. 

    Remember, most (if not all) of the users are going to be playing the sounds through the speaker on their phone. That means that because of the low quality of speaker, the human ear will not be able to tell the difference between a medium quality sound and high quality sound. The speaker simply won't be able to make enough of a difference.

    My suggestion is to use a free program like Audacity to play around with the sounds. Also test the sound with your phone speaker after each time you change the quality. I know that can be tedious, but keep lowering the bit rate in little increments until you can tell a change. Then go with the next increment higher.

    People want high quality sounds, but they cant gripe about having medium quality sounds if they can't tell the difference ;)
  • Abiffmaster, I'm interested in soundcloud, is it easy to do. How would I do it. Do I just upload my music and then it gives me a URL for each or what. Thanks for the help.
  • Soundcloud is easy to do.  You create a free account, and upload your mp3s.   It provides you with a URL etc

    What I'm trying to do at the moment is figure out how to set up streaming.  If anyone has an answer to that let me know.
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    Hi colinadams and you other guys,
    is it possible that audio files from Soundcloud can not be streamed in Andromo Music Player?
  • @gutawaorks, the best way to know for sure is to try. I'd wait for the next version of the audio activity, though, which adds audio playlist support. It's currently being tested and should be released
    very soon.
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