Any new major features coming up?

Not trying to sound coy and I know Ad networks do involved effort o your part, but it feels besides ad networks not much "feature wise" has been added. Yes I know the new dashboard layout and all, but I mean added new functions that have been suggested in the "What would you like to see added to Andromo" thread. I ask because my annual Professional Andromo subscription is up for renewal and I have a personal account as well, don't see enough difference for me between the two and if no new features are coming any time soon I like to know.



  • We've been working on a major uograde to Andromo for the past several months. It's a huge job, but it is going to bring some major improvements with it. We are overhauling the entire look and feel of the apps created with Andromo. Material Design, a vastly improved styling/theming system, drawer navigation, folder/category grouping etc. It's taking longer than expected to get done, as we have needed to basically rip out and replace the fundamental structure of the apps created with Andromo and replace it with something much better. So, that's what we've been working on! It's coming as soon as we can get it done, but I can't comment on a release date yet.
  • @colinadams: Woohaaa! :) Great news, can't wait!
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    Colin I understand you do not want to commit to dates, but I feel like its been a year with few features besides Ad Networks, can't see paying for another year without knowing if they will be released by my next annual subscription is due or some teaser to what to expect. I'll keep my personal account for now, but will let my pro expire. Good luck with the updates

  • Well, the Cyber Monday deal got me on the hook for another year ...

    Here is to hoping that Material Redesign and some new stuff makes it out in 2016 :)
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