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Hi there

I'm just getting my head around this fab app thing. Have shown it to some folk in work and have well, been given about 5 orders of apps different people want around my organisation. Firstly do you guys do a purchase order and invoice system? as in I don't want to be paying out of my own pocket and claiming back as our company simply does not have company credit cards. Crazy I know, but that's the UK public sector for you. Secondly will you be offering discounts for users with multiple apps? At the moment it looks like I'll have 5, but that could increase in the next few weeks. I know you're good value, but at a possible future cost $199 per app per year, it ain't quite so cheap. A couple of tech questions now. Will you add the ability to add a hit menu function, such as exit app, or about app, or something similar. At the moment it has your about button, but this i guess goes when you pay for the full version. Do you plan to add more levels of icons? I have an app request that will have about three levels of navigation. Will contain complicated info around drug prescribing and cannot be shown on one screen as far too many icons. I know you have the html archive, which I'm playing with now but having more than one level would be brilliant. Does the app support cookies? I'm creating a link to a website that needs to be logged into. If the app is then closed, will the user still be signed in next time they click the icon in the app? I know this is down to length of cookie, but only useful if the app can support cookies. Think that's about it for the moment. Sorry for the ramble.



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