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I would like to upgrade from Starter (USD96) to Professional package (USD252) because it would allow me to built unlimited apps for all my clients and also it lets me use customer package name.

My question:
If one of my clients has got his apps suspended and eventually his Google Play Developer Console Account terminated.
Will it affect the other clients' Google Play Developer Console account too? 

Reason I am asking is that when you tap on the About on the top right hand corner. And then tap on the Developed by.
It will take you to the developer profile page with the same web address. (eg, www.andromo.com/profiles/developername).

I am now on the Starter Package and I had built seven apps.
When I tap on the About-Developed by of each individual app, it links me to the profile page with the same web address
(eg, www.andromo.com/profiles/developername).

So my worry is that if one of my clients has got his apps suspended and eventually his Google Play Developer Console Account terminated, it might eventually caused other clients' Google Play Developer Account terminated too. Because team in Google can see that they are all built by the same developer from the developer profile page and they all have the same profile page & web address (eg, www.andromo.com/profiles/developername).

Please kindly shed some light on my thinking.

Much appreciated.



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    Hi Susi,

    I used to make apps for other people on Fiverr with the same Andromo account I use for my personal apps, and while many of those apps were banned, it didn't have any effect on my GP account.

    At the time (2012) I didn't know that some of the stuff they were asking me to do was not allowed (an app made just out of affiliate links - back then I didn't even know that you can be an affiliate for Macy's etc., or "money making" apps with eBook from PLR sites, for example).

    However, if you know that what you're about to do for your client is not in terms with GP's policies, then don't do it. Just explain it to your client and save them from the trouble as well. Just in case, you never know what might happen. Always strive to be on the safe side, no matter what.

    EDIT: Also, I have some custom developed apps, which are made and signed by the same developer, who lost his GP account 3 times. Again, it didn't have any effect on my account (I don't work with him anymore).
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    Hi Susi,

    I've never heard of such a thing happening with Google Play or any reason for it being a problem either, but in any case, with the Pro subscription, that link on the About box will direct people to whatever URL you have setup in your user account profile on Andromo (Account drop down > Profile | Website).

    Plus you get a bunch of other features with Pro:

  • Oh, and yes, listen to everything Henrix said. Don't make apps that are against Google's policies and you have nothing to worry about anyways...
  • Hi,
    Thanks for your very kind advice.
    Just that sometimes clients give me images and music files which I have no idea if they infringe on copyright.
    I think most of the files are OK. But I want to be extra careful before I put all eggs in one basket.

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