The website is working slow today?

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Hello, just wondering if anyone else is experiencing very slow website speed today? It usually flies, but today, for some reason, it's really slow for me (I've tested my internet speed connection and it's normal).


  • Doesn't look like it for me, but maybe earlier in the day it was. I only went on right now :)
  • Thanks, @anteos. It still works slow for me, so maybe there are some issues with Amazon's S3 here in EU (Andromo runs on S3).
  • I am in EU too but might be because the access I got right now is not that fast by default. I would not see that much of a difference I guess.
  • It's OK now, back to full speed! :) But it was quite frustrating in the early afternoon.
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    Hmmm. Might have been some sort of slowdown between your location and the eastern US zone... We monitor from various locations in North America and Europe on a 1 minute resolution, and didn't see any general problems. Anyhow, let us know if you run into anything again!

    Last 30 days (uptime):


    Last 30 days (response time):

    More details - Bookmark it!

  • Thanks, @colinadams! Bookmarked. :)
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