Is Andromo right for my app?

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I was hoping I could describe what I need to do and someone with some experience with this product could tell me if I'm in the right place. First of all what I'm want to create if the non-profit animal shelters in my area. My wife has started fostering dogs to get them ready for adoption and I've noticed there's no easy way for them to know the following:

1) Who knows of a dog or cat this has been abandoned (using Google Maps)
2) Who has room at their shelter (Map the shelter in Google Maps)
3) Who's transporting animals to another city and has room
4) Let a member post that they are ready for another foster

This is all very early in the development phase.

I have 20 years experience writing COBOL and RPG on the IBM AS/400 (iSeries) computer but never anything on a PC, like Java. I've downloaded Android Studio and spent 2 days realizing that I have no doubt I could learn to do all this and write my own code but the time involved is a problem. I work full time as a programmer/analyst and this is something I want to do in my spare time but these facilities and volunteers could make use of this today. That's what brought me here. Also I plan to give this to anyone who can use it which is mostly people that volunteer their time helping cats and dogs.

So do you think this is what I need to use to make this app? 

Thanks in advance,
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  • The main problem I see is that you want to change the content of the app often for all 4 points.
    This means you would have to add an activity that fetches the stuff from an online server/blog/site instead.
    Because an app without this feature would have to be updated in the market like every single day for your changes. This is not an HTML5 webapp maker - but it can work like one if you use the Website activity and link to your blog or use the HTML archive possibly with your own code.

    Maybe someone else would be able to describe how it is done better than me.
  • I made it work using Google Groups, Google Calendar, Google Drive & Google My Maps. I was able to add all of this to Groups.

  • Well done then! Nice you got it figured out
  • Awesome! Way to use your noggin! That's super impressive. If you feel like sharing some of your methods and experiences with the group, that would be really generous of you...
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