How can I change the build version of my app ?

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I understand that the build version is incremented everytime you compile it. 
Anyway I can change the build version number ? 
How can i tell what is my build version ? 

Google play is requesting for a build number of greater than 18 from me.
I believe the build version number was reset when i changed the package name and then changed it back again. 

Kindly advise. Do i really have to recompile 18 times ?? 
How can i know my current build version ? 


  • It is very important to not delete an app/project that you have put up on Google Play etc. The package name is one thing, but the internal build number is another that can't be changed...
  • My question is? When you do a version upgrade. will it automatically upgrade the AP on everyone's phone?
    So to add or remove features from the AP, does it have to be download and reinstalled every time by every user?
    or is this a google play station thing?
  • When you upload the upgraded apk in GP, those who have enabled the auto-update of apps in GP will get the update. The others might be asked and can keep ignoring it.

  • You can try setting version code and name in build.gradle under the defaultConfig element. Hope it helps.
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