AdMob: SDK-less Mediation: An easier way to mediate


  • Interesting! Let us know if you try it out.
  • Sure, I will. Currently there is only a limited number of ad networks with the SDK-less option, but there will be more and more.
  • Good news indeed. Did Google updated the Admob SDK for this and therefore requires for Andromo to update it too? 
  • The SDK wasn't updated by AdMob. We can use those SDK-less ad networks anytime. More will be added.
  • @hendrixs ;

    I tried Smaato and MdotM (via SDK-less) both crashed my App! Any idea? 
  • @mataan: I didn't try any of the SDK-less ad networks yet, but it's on my to-do. Did you try contacting AdMob?
  • it wont work for me either, has anyone got this to work?
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    @hendrix: I didn't.
  • @naqshbandi: I tried Smaato and MdotM neither is working - Not sure if Andromo has to update Admob SDK before this feature can work?
  • I couldn't get it to work either. Maybe I'll try again once one of the bigger advertisers goes SDK-less.
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