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If I pay the annual subscription will my app automatically be on google play store ?


  • Nope, you always give your app in Google Play on your own account.
    As far as I know there is no app maker who submits in GP for you.
  • On Google Play Store you just need to have your account to submit your Android Applications. However, for each app that you submit, you need to pay $25 for it. So there is no annual subscription or something in Google Play whereas it exists in case of Apple App Store. 
  • @buzzsplash - that is not correct. A Google Play developer account is a one time fee paid to Google. Once you have paid it once, you can submit as many apps as you want without paying again.
  • @colinadams I am still in doubt. I know you need to pay $25 when you register. I will check it again to be doubly sure. Thanks though. 
  • @buzzsplash

    I confirm what Colin told you. You only pay the money upfront and only once and it goes all to Google.
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