Did Andromo Already Translated My APK?

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Hello everyone,

Please help me understand this.

It said above that "You translated the APK into Spanish (united states), spanish (spain) and indonesian but not the store listing.

now here are my concerns

1. Did andromo automatically translated my apk to spanish? meaning the text inside my app already on spanish?

2. I am asking this coz i want to create another andromo app with the same content but on different (versions)languages and upload to google play again. example : my recipe app english, my recipe app chinese, my recipe app spanish.... and so on..

3. I dont want a foul nomore.. i dont want my app suspended since its also in the google guidelines that we should not make the same apps with the same content again..

4. I just want to ensure 
 - If i will make the app again in another version
- If i leave it this way and just localize the graphics and store listing.

I dont mind doing the manual translation for other languages as long as i dont get suspended..



  • Hi @colinadams thanks for this.. unfortunately what i wanted to translate is the content itself.. which in that blog only states regular andromo functions are translated but not the content itself.. i guess that makes sense..

    u think google will penalize me for making the same app, translating it and publishing it on another language to which i translated?
  • @megajmarketing: Publishing the same app in a different language is unfortunately no longer acceptable by Google. You need to have all the different languages in a single app.
  • My apps are in German and it doesn't work.
    Will the apps only translated into another language, if the origin content is in English?
  • as always thank you my friend :) @hendrixs
  • @megajmarketing: Sure, not a problem. :)
  • Will the apps only be translated, if the origin content is in English?
  • Menus are always translated automatically, but the content isn't.
  • thanks hendrixs.

    this is rather suboptimal.
    now I understand why some customers already have complained. this is misleading.
    can I prevent the translation of the menues?
  • @stephyap - this is the correct and most desirable behaviour. The interface will show up in the same language that the user has their device configured as. It's an awesome feature of Andromo, not a problem!
  • if the content would also been translated, it would be great ;-) Its a problem of some users. they are dissapointet, because the text in playstore is in their own language, but the app content is not. Thanks Colin.
  • @colinadams: It's true what @stephyap says. I get 1 star reviews, coupled with bad comments because of this quite a lot. People say that the interface is translated, but they don't find the option to translate the texts as well. If I put myself in their position, I understand them completely.

    If possible, could you please consider implementing an option, not to translate the interface? It's a VERY good feature for someone, who makes a Portuguese app, for example. But try showing Portuguese or Spanish people a translated interface and the rest of the text in English - they will let you know their dissatisfaction on Google Play more times, than you would believe. :)
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