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Hey Andromo (Indigo Rose software)! Really I'm using Andromo and it works fine but... 
ARE YOU SERIOUS? It's not fair, you don't come up with updates, really...  
You didn't come up with a good update for at least 2 years... you just make small things, fix things etc. 

Are you guys KILLING andromo? 
Tell you the truth I'm starting to search for anouther service, I bet there are better from you already, yes you were the best couple of years ago, but now? no way you are still the best? (maybe native, still no new features...).

I like the guy really, please Make him live and kicking again... So I won't need leave Andromo and search for a better andro app maker... 

Come back with good news.


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    Actually, Andromo is rocking! We've been growing like crazy and there is lots of awesome stuff coming down the road! It's a huge job just keeping up with necessary Android changes, bug fixes, feature improvements, and SDK and ad network updates like we've been doing with our regular updates (you can follow our Twitter and to see more).

    However, we've also been working really hard on a major upgrade to Andromo at the same time. It's a massive job, but it is going to bring some major improvements with it. We are overhauling the entire look and feel of the apps created with Andromo. Material Design, a vastly improved styling/theming system, drawer navigation, folder/category grouping etc.

    It's taking longer than expected to get done, as we have needed to basically rip out and replace the fundamental structure of the apps created with Andromo and replace it with something much better. So, that's what we've been working on! It's coming as soon as we can get it done, but I can't comment on a release date yet. It's getting close now though...
  • Without getting into details, are there going to be any new activities in the upgrade to come?

  • @colinadams: That's good news! :) I'm looking forward to the material design upgrade.
  • I am looking forward to the updates too, but a hint every now and then keeps bad thoughts at bay.
    I would like to have a timeframe, even if it proves to be far by 1 or 2 months.
  • upgrade much anticipated and overdue
  • Hey Andromo developers, I'm looking forward to the update, but do you think you could keep the original style/layout options for our apps that might need small updates without changing everything?
  • i've been waiting for some promo to re-sub as pro account but it seems that there were no promotion for quite some time (unlike the old days)..everything seems quiet, so i've been curious to what has been going on andromo? 
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    @atlas - The new look will replace the old.

    @irfanarghi - it is very rare that we offer any promotions on Andromo accounts, as our prices and services are already too low... Our current suggestions and thinking are that we should raise them to market prices.
  • how i will bye from bangladesh?
  • Hi Andromo, please update this.
    1. A pdf activity that can open pdf file without using third party application.
    2. Also i just found that i cant open a pdf file through web activity.
    Else you let the third party app rocking!
    Thank you for your effort.
  • Sorry, i just found that pdf activity can now open pdf file witout third party app. But i still cant open a pdf file through web activity.
  • xxx :O :O :O
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