Google Play Account Terminated - What Happens to AdMob Earnings?

Hi everyone,

my account has been terminated, and i dont want to cry about it anymore. im making good money since i started few months ago. i had 3 suspensions and that was it.

my question is, what will happen to my admob earnings?

also can i make a new account but with my wifes details? her name, whole new address, new ip address to sign up, different package name ( thanks to andromo, im pro subs btw :) 

 im being optimistic here. as ive already tasted a bit of success, and next time around, i wont be making the same mistakes again.

thanks for helping


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    Mate, I have answered personally this question again and again in here. You are optimistic, obviously smart and you should not be lazy to check around first.
    Your admob is "kind of" safe. Ads IDs will soon start getting suspended. Soon might be anywhere from 1 day to 6 months. If you had many apps in the banned acct, all those IDs will be suspended. I had more than 50 apps ads IDs suspended and the admob survived and I still use it. Other than that, who knows what their limit is before they decide to ban your admob too.
    Since ads get suspended, your apps installed on phones obviously dont show admob ads anymore. So zero revenue after all ids are gone.

    Are you talking about a new Google Play account? You need "new everything"
    New IP, possibly new MAC adress too.
    New PC
    New credit card, possibly under different name
    New SIM Number for phone verification
    Slightly changed address
    Different name as account owner
    I suggest an email that is not Gmail. So you can view your emails everywhere without worrying you might link the account together if you check emails from a device that had accessed the banned GP account email before.
    New apps, dont even consider editing the ones that got banned or the ones that went down when the whole acct got banned.
  • Hi @anteos,

    ive read everything on most forums here but just to make a case for myself since this involve making a new account with my wifes details but were looking to change the address and apply for bank with different address also..

    also i had a total of 20 apps, of which 5 apps are only making money, last time i posted something in here i was making $2 a day, now on my 5th month im making $25-$40 per day.. such a heartbreaker this termination :(

    3 apps were suspended but i wasnt making money out of them. also google ddnt send me any email about a violation prior to being terminated.

    anyway, im glad my admob is still standing now. its still making decent money so i might thank google and start all over again with very very careful submissions.
  • Good luck! I was in same boat and frankly I have not recovered yet after 9months. Barely making a living now.
  • Why did they suspend your apps and then the account? 
  • @anteos, sorry to hear that buddy.. hope all goes well to you and me.. im seeing the effects right now, 2days ago i made $41 , yesterday i only got $10, today i think it will also be $10-$15 , seems im only getting money from the apps that are installed already from their devices.. no download revenues..

    no reason bro, they just suspended it. they said that they sent an email regarding the suspension but actually ddnt, i already have 3 suspensions but i was doing fine and i was not publishing any apps just to be safe, but they still found a way to terminate my account..
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