Facebook Audience Network Now Available in Andromo App Maker v4.6



  • You need to build an apk that will only have Facebook ads. Remove temporarily all other ad networks by unchecking their boxes.
    Once you do it and move the apk to your phone, you should see a test ad or more. That's enough. Then proceed to create your other builds and do not forget to re-enable the other ad networks you use. When you give the app to Google Play, Facebook will approve it.
  • ok..tq anteos
  • Hallo anteos..

    I had filled the payout section. but my question is about tax forms.
    In payout at Account Information,,i got a warning (triangle in red colour) it say ''Please submit tax forms to start payout''..what this mean.?

    I use my PayPal account in payout section not bank account.
    And I have already sent a water bill verification and driving license.
    do I still need to fill out tax forms.

    I just read the instruction if I use paypal account, I just need a utilities bill and another verification to approve.
    if I still have to fill out tax forms, I do not understand the chapter 5,6,7 and 8 what they want in W-8BEN Form(non-US Individual Taxpayers) because i'm in Malaysia ..

    This Forms in PDF Format..
    Please any idea..

  • You need to fill up the tax form as required, with your true details. I had also completed the particular pdf and sent to them.  I don't understand where you might be stuck, can you ask what in particular you do not understand?

  • Hello Anteos..Tq for your reply..

    - I don't understand about no 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10..
    - On questions no 5 and 6, do I need to fill out or leave blank..
    - For questions no 7 ,what is the reference number..where can i get that reference number.
    - For questions no 9, ''Malaysia'' is my resident right..because i'm in malaysia
    - And no 10 i have no idea what this mean..

    I hope u can help me for this..
    I really really need your help to solve this prob..

    Tq bro..
  • OK, no problem.
    5: Leave it empty, you are not in US
    6: Your Vat number (the tax-related number you have on your name, in your country)
    7: Leave it empty
    9: In the empty box, write MALAYSIA
    10: Leave everything empty in this one (at least for me in Greece I did not have to fill in anything there)
  • OK...Tq bro..
  • Hello guys...

    something i want to ask...
    when i click "See performance for all my apps" green button in performance tab , just blank page.
    no data for my apps display.. why ?
    Everything ok and i can see all my apps performance before..now it is just blank page..no display
    is server prob or what

    any idea
  • For months now this kind of analytics never loaded properly for me.
    Even after many messages to support, it will load properly only like 1 times out of 100 you try.

    As a result I suggest you try to find an alternative dashboard, some kind of platform where you can enter your FAN credentials and it will produce API requests for you and display the metrics you want to see. If Appannie had added FAN, it would be the best choice.

    It's up to you to find such platform, if you are really interested for the metrics of all your apps. I have found one that works OK and is free, but I do not know if it is allowed at the forum to post it.
  • ok..i see

    that mean u have same prob like me...right
    So what platform u recomend to me for analytics..
  • Everyone has same problem when it comes to viewing the revenue analytics for all apps.
    If you cannot do without checking your FAN revenue, you can use redpandaplatform.com.
    Add your FAN app IDs and apps tokens and it will show you your revenue.
  • The "See performance for all my apps" now works fine for me 100%. I hope your issues got resolved as well.
  • @hendrixs
    Hmm, it takes a while but seems to load them indeed. Good news, thanks for pointing it out!
  • edited September 2016
    I'm happy to hear that it's resolved for you as well. It was a pain manually calculating the earnings.
  • @hendrixs
    Actually it does not work always still. The Detailed By Date stats loads like only once per 20 tries.
    It is why I reverted to using outside platform and loading my app IDs and tokens there. Shows eCPM, earnings and everything else in a convenient dashboard that never fails.

    I was too tired and wasted so much time talking with their support about these problems.
  • @anteos
    That's really strange. But good to know that there are 3rd party solutions!
  • @anteos ;
    hi bro, so you mean its not necessary to add/create another app just to show ads from my other apps? all i need to do is to CREATE AD PLACEMENT and i can add my other app infos?

    i think its not that hard to track, just rename the ad banner or interstial name to your add like (cooking app banner, cooking app interstitial. )

    please confirm if im right bro.. i got 1 app on fan right now, if youre gonna confirm im puting fan on all my apps..

  • Yes, according to what I was told, you can use one App ID with many different placements, exactly like you describe it with the cooking app example.
    However - all apps need to be in Google Play, else they will not display ads.

    And a side-note - I personally now create separate app IDs, just to be on the safe side. In the few years that FAN is with us, they have shown that they change their terms fast and without giving enough information. Last time they decided not to accept apps that are not in GP, I was forced to update more than 60 apps and I still got 100-120 apps that include FAN sdk but do not show ads. What if one day they decide they want separate app IDs? I simply cannot afford to waste my time updating. So, I prefer to make separate app IDs even if it takes time.
  • @anteos ;
    got it bro.. thanks a lot.. for 5days now i can see the difference but im realluy earning well with admob.. just a hiccup maybe im experiencing.. so im still cool.. thanks a lot 
  • Good luck, I hope you get good revenue with FAN too!
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