Facebook Audience Network Now Available in Andromo App Maker v4.6

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We’re pleased to announce the addition of the Facebook Audience Network as a new ad network/app monetization option for developers using Andromo App Maker for Android 4.6+.

Facebook’s Audience Network helps you monetize your app by tapping
into Facebook’s powerful advertising platform which includes all of the
people-based targeting, measurement, and real-time optimization that’s
used on Facebook itself. By using Audience Network, you’ll also gain
access to Facebook’s 2 million advertisers. Available types include
banners and interstitials.

Banner Ads

Banner ads are small rectangular ads that occupy a small portion of
the screen while the user is viewing an activity within the app. They
are usually shown at the top or bottom of the screen, and don’t
interfere very much with the use of the app.

Interstitial Ads

Interstitial ads are full-page ads that appear ‘between’ activities
in your app. Since they really grab the user’s attention, they can be
more effective than banner ads at generating revenue. Interstitials are
among the highest-converting and highest-paying ad formats.

What is required to use Facebook Audience Network ads?

In order to show Facebook Audience Network ads in your app, you will
need to sign up for a Facebook developer account, add your app to your
account, create Placement IDs for banners and/or interstitials and then
configure your Andromo app to use your placement IDs. (Please refer to Setting up Facebook Audience Network Ads for step-by-step instructions.)



  • Few questions that I have not managed to find a sure answer for:

    1. Should we update Payout info in each added app? With every new app I add seems the Payout tab does not select automatically the Company i have setup and I need to choose it from a drop-down menu to select it.

    2. Can we use same ID for more than one apps? Maybe those with equal themes, it would save much time but I am so worried it might be a reason for no payment in the future -.-

    3. Most of the apps I added (existing in GP)  switched to the 3rd stage when they review the app. However, one of them asked for a test impression in order to review the app. Maybe it is just random?

    Thanks! I am so excited with FAN. I have tried them in few apps and the metrics are amazing, better than admob in eCPM by far.
  • 1. I haven't personally completed the payout step, nor have I submitted an app for approval, so all I have to go off of is their documentation which seems to indicate you need to create or select an existing company for each app. For clarification on that you'd need to ask their support department.

    2. Based on their documentation, they want you to use unique IDs for each app. You'd have to ask them if using the same IDs across apps would cause a problem or not aside from skewed reporting.

    3. From my understanding, you need to send a test impression (as well as providing a link to the app) in order for the review process to be initiated. So you would need to build the app with FAN enabled including your placement IDs and then run it to generate a few impressions until you start seeing test ads.

  • Thanks Darryl for your answers. I must contact the support for the first 2 questions.
    When you say "provide a link to the app" as far as I understand, the package name setup (which technically is also a link to the app) moves the app to the 3rd stage where it gets reviewed.

    I was only asked to send a test impression in 1 app out of 20 I submitted yesterday, All were live, maybe it has to do with it. We will find out soon.
  • Please keep us updated, @anteos.
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    Just a quick update regarding the review process.
    All my apps say they are on review after I gave the package name.
    However, the two I had to test were accepted instantly.
    I plan to test all others too. Instant is good even if it takes some time to install and run :)

  • Cool, crossing my fingers for you for quick app approval. :)
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    Thanks @hendrixs, wish you back the same!

    EDIT. I cant for the sake of me find a support email for audience network. Only a form for payment problems only -.-
  • On my dashboard there is a green "Ask a Question" button under the Placements, Payout, Filters, Performance tabs. Do you see that in your interface?
  • Yup, but it says I should create a Business to get support.
    On the other hand, few minutes ago I found contact form link.


  • Good to hear you found that. I've added a link to that form on our knowledge base page as well since it's quite difficult to find.
  • I'll get around to testing FAN after I release a new app on my secondary account. I'll also advertise that app via FB. I'll let you guys know how it goes.
  • Great work guy, just a quick question what do you put in the "Default Activity Class Name" field.

  • I think you can leave it empty.
    Reply from FAN team:


    Thank you for writing in! To answer your first question, yes, you can
    use one placement ID for all your apps. But our policy discourages the
    publisher to do so because the reduces revenue significantly. To answer
    your second question, you will have to produce test requests from an
    admin or developer account for your submission to be enqueued and
    reviewed. Please let me know if you have any other questions!



    Facebook Audience Network
  • Hey guys, whats up?
    Would be nice if we have someone with huge userbase to post some metrics on FAN. I see everywhere an eCPM of between 1.6 and 5USD. Really good performance, but my userbase is not big enough.

    Also, a strange question. I do not have fb app ion any of my testing devices, I actually hate social networks. Thing is, when I tested app with FAN in my test devices, I keep seeing the msg "Woohoo you ad integration works" even in apps that were already approved (thus should display live ads!)

    This makes me worried. Is there chance users without fb app installed in their device view this ad which is intended for testing only? Why did my device show testing ad if the ads ids are already running live and approved?
  • @anteos ecpm sounds same as me, also ctr rate around 3 - 5 % very impressive.

    best way to find out is test it out with another device, if you dont have any devices pm me your app
  • @naqshbandi

    I sent you a PM with my app link. I want it checked in a device without fb app to make sure that normal users do not see the testing ad instead.
    Thanks! Please let me know here when you find time to check it.
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    no your good, no fb ads shown
  • @anteos

    Hello anteos,

    Advice if you can please!

    I integrated FAN into one of my apps but still see no ads inside my App?! The app is already approved by facebook and am logged into the Facebook native app on my device yet I see no ads!

    My Audience report shows lots of 'ads request' but nothing else - no impressions etc.

    All taps in app settings are checked except that I haven't yet done the 'Payout' info bit.

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    Thanks for checking it out, I really appreciate it!

    @mataan Had you checked the ads before they got approved? Did you see the test ads?
    If yes, I would guess that you do not see ads now because there is no good inventory in your country. You should keep in mind FAN should not be the sole ad network in your app. The fill rate is low.
  • @anteos

    No I have not seen any test ads at all!
  • I do not know what could be wrong, try double check the ads IDs and the whole process you had followed.
  • According to FAN's FAQ, some reasons for not seeing ads are:

    - The person testing has not logged into the native Facebook app on their mobile device
    The person testing has enabled "Limit Ad
    Tracking" (iOS only) or has selected "Opt out of interest-based ads"
    (Android only) in their device settings.
    We don't have ad inventory to show for that person

    However I would also follow anteos's advice and check your Placement IDs to make sure you've created the correct type and have entered the correct IDs in your Andromo project.
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    FAN finally working for me thanks guys. All I needed to do was to uncheck (off) interest based ads in settings as darrly suggested above and that did the trick. Thanks again

    One issue though and am not sure why it's happening?

    When there's no Ad available from Facebook the app will crash (Unfortunately app has stopped) I only enabled FAN so will rebuild the App with both Admob & FAN and see what happens.
  • During step 3 (Placements Review), do I need to have the APK with FAN integrated uploaded to Google Play for them to review? Or are they just reviewing the placement settings I entered independent of the app? I'd rather not upload a new APK until FAN is live.
  • If you send the test impressions and the app is online in GP (even if previous version without FAN) the review will be done fast.
    If the app is not online in GP at all, you will have to enter the URL of it. All these will be asked from you at the app's dashboard in FAN as a Developer Alert.
  • Well they were approved. I'm really unimpressed with the performance so far today. Well below Admob eCPMs...
  • Did you produce enough impressions? Can you share your stats?
  • I tested it out with 8 apps, each received between 3,000 and 8,000 requests. Had an average fill rate of 58%. Earned about half of what Admob would have produced with those requests.
  • Did you check the ecpms?
    In my apps, I do not get a metric with less than 2 USD ecpm. Thats what matters because it directly lets you calculate the revenue or the impressions.
  • Well, my interstitial eCPMs were $4-5, which is on par with Admob, but the banners were $0.3, which is a lot less than Admob. I don't think you can really compare the eCPMs between Admob and Facebook though. Admob has a match rate of 98% and a fillrate on those matched requests of 99%. Facebook is something like 70% match rate and 50% fillrate, so the eCPM is skewed.
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