Please help with missing and deprecating features in Adromo

I apologize for any grammatical errors i have made in this post.

Hello andromo development team, we are facing some bigger challenges
nowadays on the andromo platform which we don't really understand.

Especially, the following functions are becoming a problem for us:

1.  File URL in RSS activities are not working anymore like it used to be.
Example is links in RSS activity to download things like .mp3 files and
others. Many users of my Apps are complaining a lot that nothing is
happening when they click on a link to download an Mp3 file in an RSS
Activity. And sometimes, the mp3 file is automatically loaded into a player
in the RSS activity page instead of popping up a download dialog or an open
with menu.

Also we will be glad if a download manager like what is included in the
default native Android browser is implemented into our Apps automatically
when building it.

Detection: Detected on Android 5.1xx and Adromo build version 4.6.0/332

2. Why is there not any button or function to disable all ads including
both interstitial and banner ads on a specific activity when editing it.
Below is what andromo has currently implemented which is not enough for us:
* All enable ads networks
* All enable ads networks except Admob
* Do not show banner Ads in this activity.

And we may like these functions included too:
* Do not show interstitial Ads in this activity.
* Disable All ads in this activity (both banner & interstitial ads)

Detection: Detected on Adromo build version 4.6.0/332

3. We need the ability to enable more device permissions when editing or
creating an activity.
Especially we need these abilities to enable us have permission to
file/local storage, and some other native device features when creating or
editing an HTML activity.

4. We may also need the ability to lunch a complete HTML activity in the
external browsers too.  Because most of the problems we are facing in the
webview of an andromo built App is solved and working when the HTML file is
manually tested in an external browser like the default android browser or
Firefox mobile.

5. The andromo interface and layout is becoming too old and one way for us.
Especially the missing capability to design your own dashboard interface or
create sub menus has become a chronic old disease on this andromo platform.

We may be very happy to build our own complete dashboard and interface from
something like html and upload to andromo to use in our app.

6. We will be glad if we are able to have the ability to share or copy some
resources from other andromo projects created by the same user into new
projects too.

And also the ability to duplicate an activity and use the new duplicated
activity into something new will be appreciated.

Finally, we may need some compelling functions like add-ons and others
which your competitors like phonegap, and all are providing to
their subscribers.
All these above problems are limiting our productivity levels and compels
us to look for other alternatives elsewhere. Which at the end of the day
moves us away from andromo to other competitors who have the solution.

We wish the andromo development team will seek immediate attention to the
above problems and provide a meaningful urgent solution to it.

Hope to hear from you soon

Thank you
Regards Castero


  • I also wish that we had the option to disable ads in each separate activity.  The option to diable ads appears for RSS, but not for other activities :  Youtube for example. 
  • Thank you buddy,

    But why is Andromo development team not so much concern about this issue?
  • Thanks very much for the suggestions. I'd recommend you submit them to our support department so that they are logged and we can consider them for future development. Some great ideas in there. We are currently working on a major overhaul, which we hope to have released by the end of summer.
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