Last Day for $99 Gold Package is April 15, 2012

Thanks to everyone who has taken advantage of our awesome introductory pricing on Gold Package upgrades. The last day to get the $99 pricing is Sunday April 15, 2012. As of Monday, it's going back up to $199. Still an awesome value of course, but if you're on the fence or just waiting for a rainy day to upgrade your app, we wanted to give everyone a heads up that you can still save some money for a few more days!


  • wondering when it will be back to 99.... was about to get it :(
  • Hey Collin,

    I had the question regarding the ad space, not sure if you remember but I would have paid the $99 on Friday had I known it would go up at all.  Is there anyway to get grandfathered in to the old price?
  • I'm sorry - but we ran the intro price for months. It's still an awesome deal at $199 (I know it sucks to miss out on something, but someone will always be a day late) - your app is going to be worth way more than that to you in the end!

    Thanks though - we really do appreciate the support and the enthusiasm!!!

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