Andromo App Maker for Android v4.6.2 Released

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Andromo App Maker for Android version 4.6.2 has been released.

Here is a list of changes in this version:
  • Updated the Google Play Services client library to version 8.4 which contains version 8.4 of the Google Mobile Ads SDK (AdMob).
  • Added 2, 3, 4 minutes to the interstitial timings options.
  • Fixed a potential crash in Audio activities if a server returns an invalid SHOUTcast 7.html file.
  • Made it so Audio activities don't keep trying to retrieve the 7.html file if it was invalid.
  • Removed MobileCore from Andromo's monetization options.
  • Removed Tapgage from Andromo's monetization options.
  • Removed AppLovin Banner Ads from Andromo's monetization options.
Andromo App Maker for Android v4.6.2 is now live at


  • Tq..Andromo
  • Thanks Darryl and to all your team!
    The fix for the audio activities is very useful :) And of course the Admob change.
  • Thanks for the update, awesome job!

    What's the situation with AdMob now? Do we need to update the apps or can we leave them as they are and the ads will keep showing. There was a discussion not long ago, if the SDK needs to be updated or not.

  • Unfortunately the answers that I received from AdMob to several questions weren't the clearest. However based on the versions listed in the Google Play Services release notes and corresponding AdMob release notes, it appeared to indicate that we needed to update it, at least to be on the safe side. At the time of the email the individual was unsure if ads would actually stop serving, so that part is unknown. In the end we wanted to take the safe route and avoid any potential issues, so I would recommend updating your apps sometime prior to Sept. 15th.
  • I'm curious about the results people are getting if they use the new times (less than 5 minutes) for interstitials?
  • Thanks, @darryl. It's really cool of you guys, that you made this update available in time, so we can update our apps.
  • I've checked the official Mobile Ads SDK Developer forum about the email we got earlier (about SDK version 6.4.1 depreciation) and these are some of the official replies:

    talking with the rest of the team, the note you have gotten about the
    SDK needing to be higher than v6.4.1 refers to a legacy, standalone
    Mobile Ads SDK that was deprecated back in February 2014,
    and that had its own versioning system. That deprecation does NOT refer
    at all to the use of Google Play services. What that means is even if
    you are using Google Play services 4.0 which was released back in October 2013, you are still OK."

    "If you are on Google Play services, you are safe from the warning that
    was sent out via emails.  That deprecation refers to the legacy,
    standalone, SDK."

    @darryl, based on this info, I guess even if we don't update our apps, the ads should keep working, right?

  • When you gonna add Chromecast SDK? I'm want to create AndroidTV apps...
  • Thanks for adding those interstitial times!
  • @hendrix

    Sigh...well I guess that was a lot of wasted time and work :) That was my initial assumption too, but unfortunately the answer I received from AdMob's support seemed to indicate otherwise even though I was specifically asking that question. So that along with a few other comments here and there made it unclear. However based on the information you posted above, you would indeed be fine either way.
  • @darryl

    Thanks for the answer.

    Better safe, than sorry, I guess. :) They probably weren't sure as well at the time.

    Thanks again.
  • wow that is a great news
  • Thanks Sir
  • With this update, did the maximum number of projects in queue changed to two?
  • There were no changes to the queue max. Same as it has been for a year or so.
  • OK, thanks, Colin. I needed to update a few apps and I've just noticed.
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