It is impossible to stream audio files to MP3 player from an external URL.

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It is impossible to stream audio files to MP3 player from an external URL.
Hello, please help to understand. The player indicates a link to a website from which there is an audio stream, but in the application indicates: Error accessing the audio file. I tried to place on MediaFire, and pointed out the link in the player, again the same thing. What am I doing wrong? How to decide?


  • It must be a direct link to a compatible stream...if there is an error, either the URL is for something else (such as an HTML file), or the audio stream is not playable on the device.

    Generally file sharing services won't work for this, unless they provide a direct URL to the MP3 data itself. (Most file sharing services provide a URL to an HTML page where you can download the file.)

    What is the URL you are trying to use?
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    I tried to insert these here:
  • I'm not following the first link, but the other two lead to HTML pages exactly as I described above.
  • Got you, what advise do? somewhere to upload these files to MP3 to play them on the player? others do it?
  • Host the file on a plain 'ol standard web server.
  • Placed on the server, the browser runs the link is normal, the sound is coming. The application does not, at first long buffering, then again: Error accessing the audio file. Link:
  • That link should work. I used it in a test app and it worked fine here, buffering took less than a second (on wifi) and I haven't had any problems playing it on a Nexus 5.

    If you're encountering playback issues it is either a problem with your connection to that URL or your device may have problems playing back audio through the Android MediaPlayer API (some OEM manufacturers do things that break the API).
  • Got it, thanks for the advice
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