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I have joined Andromo when I heard that "no coding experience" is needed to create your Android App..... Well I gave my project a name and are happy with all the other settings (colour and styles) but what now? All I really want to do is to convert my ebook to an app that readers can download and start reading without having to worry about an ebook reader. I've got no idea where to start........ Pointing me in the right direction will be appreciated !


  • The HTML Archive is one option, as is the Custom Page. Right now we don't have a dedicated 'Ebook' activity, but if there is enough demand, we'll see what we can do!
  • Please, i am also interested in that "ebook" activity. I think that this activity would be appreciated by everyone who uses Andromo. So, i would like this activity added to the activity list. 
    But right now i would like to learn how to use "HTML Archive" activity or "Custom Page" activity (you mentioned before) to transform my ebook to an android app. With HTML would mean to convert the pdf file to an html page?
    If yes tell how it's done this conversion.
    Any suggestion will be appreciated.
  • A search on Google for PDF to HTML converter listed many sites 
    here's one - cannot vouch for how good it is
  • My pro-writer wife says that PDF is the way to go for e-books.  Provde the e-book in a common format that any device can use, instead of building seperate apps for each OS.  Avid e-book readers tend to have their favorite app installed already, so why do all that extra work?

    This is a case where the work is already done for you.  Enjoy.  :)
  • i made an e book with andromo. i used the custom page, and just copied the e book in there, and it came out great. better than a pdf.
  • Hi Redsky,

    Your ebook app in the featured apps? I am curious as I also have a similar project in the works.

  • Please add E Book option

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