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Hey Folks - So you've probably noticed the new forum software. It's shiny!

You need to be logged into your Andromo App Maker account in order to post etc. The Sign In link up in the forum header may or may not redirect you back here after signing in at If not, just come on back to after you login. Sorry for the inconvenience - I'll try working on it again later, but I was up until 2am getting this far.

So, to celebrate, I just had to share the wisdom of DR. PUPPET!


  • It looks nice Colin, well done.
    Does this one allow PMs? It was the only important feature missing from the previous.
  • Yes, it apparently does! Just not 100% sure that's a useful feature though. What does that add to the forums? Input?
  • Sometimes we like to talk with a particular forum member, to exchange views or share an app link, without the whole forum being able to see what we are talking about. It isn't very wise to keep posting app link around.

    By the way, where is it? I cannot really find it -.-
  • Awesome job, @colinadams! Great promo images as well.

    I too would welcome private messaging. Sometimes there's stuff you can't post publicly (AdMob earnings, app links, etc.) and it would help us members to get to know each other better, maybe start some joint projects etc.

    If private messaging gets enabled, you could filter out the spammers by letting only members with 10+ posts (for example) to PM.

  • OK, I'll see what I can do about the Private Messaging. In my experience though it usually just ends up with spammers abusing it, but I'll look into it when I get a chance.
  • Sounds good, thanks, @colinadams.
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