Time between ads: 3 minutes


I've always used the smallest, 5 minute option, without the "Require several interactions" checked.

I'm going to test the new 3 minute option now. Did anyone already test it? If yes, did you see any increase in complaints about the ad frequency? What about an increase in revenue?

I think it's great that we can go below 5 minutes, previously the lowest setting. I have one app with an average rating of 4.6 (climbing to 4.7) and majority of people don't mind ads at all - they rarely mention them. So I guess I can try to squeeze some extra revenue and maybe even keep the high rating.


  • I've tested this on two apps, and so far, everything looks good. The revenue went up about 5% while the average rating stayed basically the same (you can check the moving average of your ratings in the GP Dev Console).

    I'll also want to try this setting in apps where users stay in the app longer.
  • Good to know!
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