Game application

Hi i have a perfect Idea of creating a game app that I grow playing and I know all the rules of the game and I've never saw this game app anywhere ! So my question is that can I be able to create game app through ANDROMO?


  • Hello, with Andromo you will not be able to create a game. However you can create the game with another tool like Construct2 and later export it as a HTML5 and that folder upload to Andromo, and then create an app.
  • But before doing that, do a test, if sound will work. I've tried HTML5 games couple of years ago, but the sound would not work.
  • You'd need to make sure to stream the sound from a web server, rather than embedding it in your HTML Archive. The reason is due to Android file permissions. If you stream it, it'll work just fine.
  • That's good to know, thanks @colinadams!
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