Internet Radio Streaming found bug (maybe)

I added an audio activity, the stream url, installed the app in my Galaxy SII 
Everything went perfectly, until I tried to stop the stream. Eventhough it shows that the stream is paused,
nothing happened. The stream kept playing. I tried everything. They only way to stop the stream is to forcibly exit the application.

Any Advice??



  • What's the stream URL?
  • I tested that stream in an Audio Player and a Radio activity and it worked fine on two test devices (a Nexus S and a Nexus 7). I was able to pause and stop playback normally in both tests.
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    @lorne @willislockwood I will add that I used to have webpage activities that when inline media was played and had subsequently paused or stopped, and i had navigated back to the dashboard, as soon as i started to use any media in any other activity, this original media would start playing again.

    For me, I tried to find a way of actually "killing" the process of web activity, because it was like it was reloading in the background and the only way to stop it was to use task manager on my phone to stop the app.

    I never brought it up in the forum at the time, I just reluctantly removed it from my app.
    I have noticed this in other apps that I've downloaded from Google Play, so i'm not sure its an Andromo issue, more an Android issue.
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