A way to lock rotation?

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The app I'm working on includes images that basically only work in portrait mode. When shifting to landscape, it looks terrible. Is there a way to lock the rotation to one direction or the other? Thanks!


  • Sorry, no - it's important for apps to be able to be viewed in both portrait and landscape.
  • Some technologies crash with rotation (re-rotation), there should be an option to turn off auto-rotation.
  • What technologies are those, rajahweb? Can you give an example?
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    I know flash is no longer supported officially but flash videos work well in most cases until repeated orientation changes occur in webview (switching from portrait to landscape back to portrait causes my app to crash on most devices).
  • i have had that problem also with my app.  i had a live flash video stream and as soon as i rotated the phone the app reloaded the page from start again..  it was so bad i had to remove it from my app. 
  • This is true with chat rooms too. I toyed with making an app with several chat rooms but whenever I signed in to those chatrooms, and rotated the screen, it would reload often requiring to relog in, and making me choose a different name because the previous would still show in the room. To say it is important for apps to be viewable in both modes is your opinion, as it should be the designers decision what is important to their app. If it isn't something you want to incorporate then so be it, it isn't the end of the world. But it is a legitimate request.
  • This has to be one of the most simplest requests ever to implement, hell you can stick the change in the manifest.xml file to lock it, unless something changed I dont know about.
  • I have tried embedded chat rooms and flash games that auto rotate and cause problems as well.  I even tried a free HTML5 game that when rotated restarted the whole game too.  I can't manipulate the code, so it has to be done elsewhere.  Locking the auto rotate feature on my phone would probably work, but convincing the end user to do that is not going to happen. 
  • I agree.  I have an app that looks a lot crisper in portrait versus landscape.  While some apps may be able to function in both we should be able to have the option to lock the view one way or another if that is our preference.
  • The ability to lock orientation was added to Andromo a little over a month ago when we released version 3.0.12: http://blog.andromo.com/2013/andromo-app-maker-for-android-v3-0-12-released/

    Added an Orientation setting to the Website and HTML Archive activities. This lets developers lock the screen orientation to either Portrait or Landscape if they desire. This is very useful for certain websites, HTML 5 games etc. where rotating the screen on Android normally ‘refreshes’ the view, causing the page to reload. Locking the orientation solves that sort of refresh issue.

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