Consulation with an app specialist from Google

I had a Hangouts meeting with an app specialist from Google today. She shared some good info (which is publicly available, tho), that confirmed, that some of the ideas we've discussed on this forum were a shot in the right direction.

The biggest takeouts:
1) Push notifications are big and a very important part of keeping our users engaged (Andromo has AirBop service for that).
2) Native ads are yielding excellent results for publishers who decided to use them - some are experiencing 20x higher eCPM (that was also covered and said in a webinar from Google not too long ago).
3) Mediation is the way to go for highest possible earnings.
4) (I didn't know about this one) We can use interstitial ads on exit! However, there needs to be a one last screen before the actual exit. Example: User presses the back button to exit the app -> Interstitial ad appears -> followed by "Thank you for using our app" screen -> Actual app exit.

I'm sharing this info so that Andromo team can consider it for future product development. @colinadams, I hope you see it! :)



  • Excellent, indeed some of those were known, but it is great you got it covered and explained by an actual Google representative. Thanks!
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    @anteos, yeah, it was good to hear that we were able to identify new major trends here on the forums even before the consultation.

    There were more details involved, but of course, I can't share that in public (or in private). I've done similar meetings before, with other specialists from Google, but it would be irresponsible of me to share private info.

    I just want to stress out the importance of native ads and mediation. It's something that's worth checking out by Andromo, because it's the future of highest possible earnings.

    Also, it was interesting to learn about the "exit" interstitial ads. It's explained in the AdMob policies, but I missed it out. However, I'll definitely try them out in one of my custom apps.
  • i hope the add upon exit gets implemented soon, i have asked for it before
  • Am hopeful that Andromo team will add Firebase and don't see this as a direct competition to AirBop. 
  • It would be a very good installment to get a 'welcome' screen as well, but one that can use a small video, or gif, or something like that, or even embeed apps, instead of just text. (Could also be used for a login form and many other uses??). Just dropping a newbie idea.
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