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Black Friday discount

Let me know if andromo have a BlackFriday discount in these year. because i'm interested with Professional Plan, 

Thank you


  • Just everyday great value!
  • Cybermonday offer?
  • Yes, offer or discount blackfriday or cybermonday?
  • Sorry guys. Didn't feel like going in for the sellout this year. Tired of CNN I suppose...

    I really feel that the current prices we have are more than fair. You can already get a year of Andromo for less than some of our 'competitors' charge for a single app for one month. Plus, we won't disable your apps if you cancel your subscription. And we generate real Java/Android SDK compiled Android apps rather than pseudo HTML 'apps'.

    So, what I'm trying to say is Andromo is worth it every day - not just one day of the year. Make the investment, make some apps, make more than you paid us.
  • That's true. Andromo is very affordable compared to competition and they're the coolest guys around. No frikin' up-sales, hidden costs, 5 price plans etc. You pay once and you get everything.
  • true andromo is the best.. you just have to back it up :)
  • edited October 2017
    Hey guys, I'll be frank: my standard yearly subscription is running out tomorrow and I'm on the fence about extending it. I thought that Black Friday is coming and the price of the premium subscription might fall significantly enough for me to get it, as I'm not making enough on apps to justify spending the regular price of 250$.
     I'm perfectly alright with the price plans as they are and I understand it's been a while since the last BF sale.
     But if there's no sale coming this year also, it would be really helpful to know, as I could just extend the standard subscription right away without waiting to see how the situation might unfold regarding the premium one.  Is there anything that you guys could share? (@colinadams ?).
  • Can’t really add more than what I said last year...
  • Mr @colinadams what about this year please? I have interest in the pro plan. Will upgrade if there's a Black Friday sale for 2018. Can you add something to what you said in 2016 please??

    Thank you.
  • At 252 per year , andromo is a steal. U can create hundreds/thousands of apps and these apps can make u income for life. If someone cannot afford 252 per year, they should quit app making and do something else.

    Seriously, U can create hundreds of niche based apps just like niche based affiliate marketing websites and those apps do not even needed to be updated regularly.  This is a bargain at $252 per year.
  • Thanks for your input @Meghak but i  somewhat disagree with you! Just because one cant afford to pay 252$ annually they should quit app making ? lol

    You should understand that no matter how good of a deal this is, not everyone can afford it. I have many friends who cant afford even the 96$ per year let alone the 252$.

    You seems to know how to make the most out of the pro plan. Can you please explain this further? "Seriously, U can create hundreds of niche based apps just like niche based affiliate marketing websites and those apps do not even needed to be updated regularly.  This is a bargain at $252 per year."


  • There is nothing to explain, u need to find good keywords which have low competition. Example: Relationship topics, religion, self help, spirituality are some niche which have great keywords with low competition.
    Find low competition niche, create apps on those niche and then target 3-4 more keywords in the app description so that u can rank for other keywords as well.

    Keyword research is the main part.
  • Got it. Thanks!
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