Upgrading Subscription?

Greetings, I have the 96$ Sub, and I would like to go for the full feature 252 one.

I upgraded a few days ago. Will I lose the difference if I change subscriptions? Or the 98 do actually count, so I will technically pay just the rest?

This is a serious question, let me know, thanks.


  • Also one more question. If the subscription is over at some point, will the apps still work? This is important, as otherwise I cannot get one right now.

    Please let me know. Thank you.
  • I can only answer in your last question, for the rest you need to contact Support.
    The apps will still work, but you will not be able to update them, add features, change monetization etc. They will just exist as the latest version apk you have in your PC.
  • Open a support ticket so we can help you out further.
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