Money back with paypal

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Paypal told they can't cancel the Abonnement and i can't either!
Your documentation is wrong!

So i want my money back because there is no abo at paypal and i'm not
a subscriber since 2015! you got the money last year for free but now i want my money back.

Sent it back to my Paypal account!

Anmeldedatum:   2. Dez 2014
Abonnementname: Andromo Pro Subscription
Abonnementnummer:       S-2HB26759KM3156316
Artikelnummer:  900



  • Please open a support ticket with Andromo so we can actually see your account info and help you out. This is a user discussion board. You want to go to if you want Andromo staff to assist you with your account.
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