Anyone use mobpartner?
if you do you have any feedback?

it was taken over a year ago now known as cheetah media link, i think the sdk maybe obsolete by now?


  • I had used them the very first weeks I had my Andromo account. Never made a cent out of them, and I would suggest you not to put heavy traffic to them. It is an ad network that does not have many developers anymore and there is not enough info out there about it.
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    They were/are a low quality ad network. It's mostly used by affiliate/performance marketers for mobile promotions.

    For example, you become an affiliate (performance) marketer for Glispa, then pick an "app install" type of offer in a certain region (Jewel Match King, which pays you $1.2 per install on US market) and then you need to buy traffic for the app you want to promote. It's then when you sign up at MobPartner and you buy advertising space in other people's apps for the offer you're promoting. If you manage to pay less than $1.2 per installation, then you're in profit.

    MobPartner has very lenient advertising rules (low quality, misleading and flashy ads) and low payouts for the publishers. Stay away.
  • They will likely be removed from Andromo is the near future, so... we've only left them in for legacy apps purposes.
  • No need for them in future, for sure, @colinadams. When Andromo started out it was really difficult (and it still is) to know which ad network is good and which isn't. They've all claimed that they're the best thing that can happen to you (and they still do).

    The main thing is that we have all the truly good ad networks available, like AdMob, FAN, Amazon and a few others.
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