First Time Builder

I would like to build a app that would be a safety check list that people could fill in and then store as documentaion for OSHA possible?


Driver Qualification Checklist<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />



Driver Name____________________________     Date of Hire______________


_________          Driver Application for employment

                              ____ _______   must show residences for past 3 years

                              ____________   full 10 prior years employment history if driving a commercial vehicle

                              ____________   Application must ask:

a.    For each previous job

1)    Whether regulated by FMCSR

2)    Whether subject to DOT drug/alcohol testing

b.    Whether failed or refused a pre-employment drug/alcohol test

c.    Must advise candidates of rights related to investigative inquiries

d.    Date of birth and social security number


Application has no unexplained gaps of employement over 60 days*


___ _____           Copy of Drivers License - State___ _______   Expires___________

_________          Copy of past 3 years of Medical Examiners Cert.   Current Cert. Expires___________

_________          Employment background investigation for last 3 years

_________          Initial MVR for each state in which license was held for past 3 years

_________          Initial Certification of Violations

___ _____           Road Test

_________          Waiver granted by DOT for any physical disqualifying condition (if applicable)

_________          Annual Certification (list completed by driver) of Violations for each of last 3 years

_________          Annual MVR for each of previous 3 years

_________          Annual Management Review of Driving Record for each of previous 3 years

_________          Driver Report(s) of Traffic Conviction(s) within 30 days of conviction

_________          This checklist*

                              *Not a DOT requirement, but Sysco BBP recommendation



Completed by_____________________________________________    Date_______________



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