Hosting a privacy policy


I've created a privacy policy as per Google Play's requirement for my app iteration, but I need a webpage to host it. I tried using Google Drive but the developer console doesn't allow it.

Any suggestions?


  • WordPress? Blogger? Tumblr? Anywhere you can host some text on a page with a URL...
  • I was told many people simply use pastebin... just text form, nothing more.
    It will be I will be using for sure, if I need one
  • You can also use a free hosting provider like 000webhost. They're actually good.
  • i use blogger.. much easier to setup and free
  • Those are all OK, unless you have many GP accounts - then you would need to keep your blogger accounts in a protected setup (so Google wont find out about your other accounts).
    However, with pastebin you dont get this problem. Each pastebin link is separate from the others and not necessarily connected to an account.
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    Sure, I just added another option. I never used pastebin before but it looks really good! I added it to my bookmarks. Thanks for mentioning it, anteos.
  • No problem! I have also bookmarked the webhosting service you mentioned. Kinda surprised at the features for the free option - have you found out anything important that is missing? Like, where is the catch? Maybe their build editor allows only 3 pages or any other "hidden" limitation like that?
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    Believe it or not, there are basically only two real limitations, and those are monthly bandwidth and storage space. I haven't used 000 for a while now, but when I did, the FTP sometimes worked faster than at HostGator (which is a terrible hosting service anyway, but when I started out, I didn't know it's so often recommended only because it has the highest referral payouts).
  • @hendrixs Excellent, I really have to register then and see if I can do something. Thanks!
  • No problem, @anteos. On some days, even the websites worked faster, than on HostGator (ping results). Like I said, I haven't used it for a while, but the service was surprisingly good.
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