What is ad network mediation

I want to know What is ad network mediation option in admob and how to use is properly, anyone can guide me


  • You cant use it in Andromo, to start with.

    Check Admob knowledge base to see what it is and how it works. They have an extensive guide on this, it is where I found out too.
  • It's a great feature, but like anteos said, it's not yet available in Andromo. Basically, it lets you earn the max amount of revenue possible.
  • Thanks Hendrixs... But if i use admob, airpush, startapps to monetize a single app then there is any problem with google policy or admob policy.... ??? 
  • Not a problem, @appsbrokers. You can use as many ad networks as you like. I use up to 3 ad networks in one app - AdMob, Amazon and FAN.

    In fact, Google even encourages you to use multiple ad networks, when it comes to mediation (https://developers.google.com/mobile-ads-sdk/docs/dfp/android/mediation-networks).

  • @hendrixs ;As anteos said mediation not available in andromo..... so is i can use upto 3 or 4 ad network in andromo directly to monetize app and can publish in GP without any problem ?
  • That's correct. A lot of us here use a mix of various ad networks in one Andromo app.
  • @hendrixs ok its mean i can use multiple adnetworks in one andromo app without admob mediation ? 
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    I would actually like to add to the question. I understand Andromo does not mediate, as in does not display best value ads if you have multiple providers set up on one app (although mediated campaigns seem to work fine for some reason) but does Adromo just randomly choose between the ad networks, or is it smarter and in case one provider does not have an ad to display does it fill it with a different network's ad? If it is random, then what would be the point of settings multiple ad networks for one app other than to compare their performance?
  • I guess I'll answer this since no one else has. It's my understanding that Andromo rotates between the ads that you have set up, but if an ad request is not filled it automatically gets replaced with one from another company that you have set up.

    I only use AdMob because it's the only one I've tried that actually pays anything for my particular apps in the USA (although I have yet to try Facebook - I'm actually working on getting that set up now), but I believe others use multiple ad companies because some work better in other countries where their apps are being used.
  • Thanks, @tholyoak , I am actually curious if Andromo really fills up with a replacement for an ad that doesn't end up showing up. Could anyone from Andromo confirm that?
  • Yes, if we request an ad for that network and none are returned, we roll again and try another network.
  • That's a good alternative to mediation and if you use AdMob + FAN (with the "Show ads with the highest eCPM" setting), it definitely boosts your income.
  • hello @hendrixs i want to ask a question... from last some time i just using admob to monitize my apps but from last week i use FAN to monitize 2 apps.I use FAN banner or interstitial but my issue is still my both apps r in under review from last 6 days. Now what i have to do?
  • Hello, @appsbrokers. Upload your app with FAN to Google Play. Only then will the review status change to live.
  • yes @hendrixs i already uploaded both apps on GP and add app with package name in FAN but still under review 
  • Go to Audience Network tab, Add App and add the GP link of your app there. When it is found, select it and press OK.

    FB is making easy things hard. It should be enough when you add the package name but it is not enough anymore.
  • Thanks @anteos but i already done the same.... but still its in under review 
  • Usually it takes only 1-2 days but it was weekend, so I think you will see it accepted today or tomorrow.
  • Thanks @hendrixs ;
    Thanks @anteos ;
     My FAN apps are approved
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