Drop delay between two builds to 5 minutes

Hey guys,

I will start by saying that I fully get why you have the delay between builds of the same app to 10 minutes.

However, I would like to suggest you could consider all factors (like those we dont know about, such as bandwidth, server status etc) and if possible, drop it to 5 minutes.

Every 3 months, I try to update all my apps, correcting the errors, etc. I have a very very wide portfolio by now, and sometimes the apps just need a tiny change and are ready to be rebuilt. In that case, having 10mins between builds wastes around 40 mins of my time (no ads version>test>fix errors>test>make GP version>make Amazon version>Make Samsung version).

Is it possible?



  • It's certainly possible, but it's a matter of cost. The 10 minutes is a way to avoid having one person saturating the build servers...
  • @colinadams
    OK thanks for letting us know. Maybe in the future, you could consider allowing it for partners with enough time registered in your platform.
  • Thanks for the suggestions and the reasons behind them. We get so many requests for things where people don't explain the reasoning, and what it means for them and how it helps. Makes a difference down the road when evaluating ideas for sure.
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    @anteos @colinadams
    You've got my vote for that as well! My reasoning is the same as anteos'.

    A 5 min delay could be added for PRO members, or like anteos said, for long-time members.

    Maybe you could start using a voting service, where we'd post ideas + reasoning, and then you could have that as a point of reference what's important for your users. There are a lots of us here, who are long-time members, have a fair amount of experience, and are enjoying a certain amount of success on GP. I think the input could be valuable and help you shape an even better product than it already is.
  • @hendrixs Agreed on the voting system!
  • I've seen this at http://feedback.voluum.com/forums/239219-voluum-features-improvements.

    I think it's a good idea to leverage users, who work with your product extensively.

    About two months ago, I was assigned a new ad optimization manager over at Google, and so far we had two video meetings. She has lots of good info about optimizing the revenue and I'd be happy to share what I learn from her (not the personalized, but the general stuff).

  • This would really help me out as well when I'm making changes to an app and need to build multiple versions.
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