Andromo Update anytime soon?

The last update was JULY 27, 2016 - are you guys planning on adding more features ( not ad networks ) to Andromo. I remember at one time there was talk of new features, but the GUI had to be updated before they could be rolled out. 

I know some of the discussed features where to help created apps not to look so cookie cutter.

What's the progress?


  • Yup, major progress on Andromo Material has been made! Getting closer now. Amazing new look. Styles, nav drawer, total visual overhaul, every activity getting updated. Very, very cool stuff.
  •  =) Excited 
  • Do you have plans to add admob native ads?
  • Awesome, that's exciting to hear, @colinadams!
  • Will we see multiple dashboards soon? 
  • Great to hear we're getting closer!  What will this update include in terms of radio apps and streaming support ? Will the streams now be fast with no or little buffering ? Looking forward to it.
  • Also meant to ask will radio apps now support the ability to add recording radio stations internal and by sd card ? And the ability to save favorite stations as well as search for stations in the app ?
  • No plans for that initially. Changes are outlined above.
  • What about admob native ads, do you have a plan for it @colinadams ;?
  • Native ads will not be available in the initial release, however it is something we plan to look into in the future.
  • Please add favorite and  timer features to radio app this is the long time requirement from people its a become a must have feature in the app lot of people uninstall due t o this
  • Timer would be good (in the music player). After being featured on Amazon, my app went to #1 in a certain category (it's a paid app), but then the negative reviews started coming in because there was no timer. The app went from making over 100 USD per day to making peanuts.

    So, +1 from me for a timer.
  • +1 from as well for timer on music player
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