Please Integrate other Free Push Service

hello Andromo Team, please i would like to ask on behalf of many users here that you integrate more Push notification service like onesignal and firebase which are amazing free service, so we are not stuck with just airbop which is pretty expensive and not very accurate at times in number of device. and even Google firebase has Free unlimited push service. so kindly add this so users can choose whaich to use for each app. why should we be paying for push notification that is free in other services.

Thanks for your consideration!!


  • airbop is very expensive , for 100,000 devices cost 200$ per month !!?
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    +1. I don't use push notifications due to costs of airbop.
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    AirBop is Andromo's service and I'm guessing it also helps to offset the very affordable price of Andromo. When/If they move to Firebase, that income stream could be gone or diminished. From the business point of view, it's perfectly understandable that they didn't offer a free alternative yet.

    Other online app makers will offer for the same price a lot less, so whenever I check the competition (every 6 months or so), I just feel so much more grateful for Andromo.

    But, by saying that, I too would not mind a free push service. It's just a bit harder to pull that off without any effects, I think.

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    @hendrixs oh, I didn't know it's Andromo's service! That puts things in perspective and if indeed it affects the business model, I don't mind then. That said, personally I don't care about push notifications enough. It's a "nice-to-have" though. My only gripe is that if I indeed needed them, 24$ a month on an app with 10,000 active users would be a very huge part of the actual revenue an ad-supported app gets at such amount of users, not to even mention the 49$ or 99$ plans for 10,000 users - I wouldn't even break even on mine. So I would rather have limited messages that could be sent more rarely but to a larger user base. Or just rarely but for less.
    Such plans would make more sense in apps with in-app purchases or rewarded videos that make more per user, but that is not supported in Andromo ,unfortunately.
  • @szymon247
    It is a bit pricey, for sure. I tried using them in the past, but they weren't a very good fit for my apps.

    Notifications would fit prefectly to an app like this: (it was showcased and reviewed by Andromo in 2014, I would not mention it otherwise). It was developed by @tamworthheat, who used to be around quite a lot back in the day.

    Google had a case study not long ago how CNN (?) or New York Times (?) covered the elections live via push notifications. I can't find the study, but here's a bit older, but similar article:

    For these kinds of apps, push notifications are a must.
  • Just updating a old conversation. Can you please put onesignal as a option ? I would like to pay more for andromo just to have onesignal instead of airbop. Airbop is also doing great for me but heard from my frieds that they have better success with onesignal.
  • Please add one signal. Airbop is very expensive. But one signal is free service. So please add one signal push message service.
  • Airprop is very expensive, I think its price is exaggerated :/
  • +1.      Even I use free service because it is too costly. It works out when when the number of active users are too high. But for low and medium active users, it is too too expensive. One time myself messaged to airbop regarding the price and they mentioned as their price is based on market which is not. Really it is too costly. They need to allow opportunity for other push service or their price should drop. I am from India and the price cannot be compared. Money conversation makes too high. :(.  I feel so bad on this.
  • Guys do not forget that success in apps can be made even without Push.
    Let's be reasonable, they work hard and everything is offered on time. They need to make some money out of it too. If they see Airbop is not popular anymore, they will drop the price.

    BTW: Did you know that appmaker-behemoth Seattle Cloud does not have yet a GDPR solution? Try check their prices, and imagine those who have paid them, cannot do anything on GDPR. Andromo did, on time, and works flawlessly!

    Just saying that because it feels like most of us complain to them easily, but almost always forget to give them credit.
  • In the previous months I was paying for the $49 application in one of the plans in Airbop 

    -Knowing I was making money from this application from $70 to $60

    -Some markets are not strong, I think only the power market that speaks English
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