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Hello! I was just wondering if the HTML archive activity has built in history, so I could implement some simple "Save" function in javascript for my games, personal leaderboard and some variables saved so a user doesn't start from scratch after he closes the app. It works in pretty much all browsers so I wasn't sure why wouldn't it, but wanted to double check before I put in the work.



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    Let me rephrase the question, maybe :D Does the HTML activity allow for keeping cookies or browser states, or does it not enable them/ clean them upon app restart? I can take advantage of save/load states with the use of cookies, but I was wondering if the Andromo HTML Archive activity supports those.
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    It's best to ask the developers. @darryl or @lorne should be able to answer that question for you.

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    Thanks @hendrixs.

    In the meantime I found this stating that (and why) in 2014 it might have not actually been viable in Andromo:
    If that is still the case, the api level >21 apparently supports cookies in the Android WebView now - I stumbled upon this link which might be helpful for the Andromo team:

    That is not only a great thing for games, but for pretty much all html activities.

    The original link also mentioned Andromo was looking into other alternatives to local storage. If localstorage/keeping cookies still doesn't work, is there any workaround?

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    You should be able to use HTML5 localstorage just fine... it was enabled some time ago in Andromo's webview based activities. Note that it is restricted to a per-activity basis, meaning you can't access data across activities.

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    @colinadams Thanks a lot! One last thing - does the html archive activity also store cookies?
  • Yes cookies are enabled as well.
  • Thanks a lot! All questions answered :-)
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