What is Andromo

Hi all well ive been on the site a week im just looking around and testing a few things out just to see what this place is about.
first why are the post so old examples i wanted to check out some apps in gallery there 3 years old 2014 not up to date links are down.
Is this site stable and how is tech support. Is it worth investing here.
how easy is it to make apps can i build a very complex quiz app or am i limited.
whats your honest feed back about this site compared to other sites.


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    Not sure what Gallery you are referring to... These forums have been around for years though, so if you are looking at old posts, I'm sure links have changed over the years.

    In any case though, tens of thousands of apps made with Andromo up in Google Play...


  • This is the most affordable app maker that creates REAL ANDROID APPS. You could always try appsbar or other app makers, they might be cheaper (though I doubt) but they are HTML apps "disguised" as native code.

    You can make anything that can be made with the included activities. Check out all the activities and their descriptions.

    A complex android quiz game? Only if you know some basic HTML coding and you use the "Custom Page" activity. But if you do have some knowledge or you are willing to try such, then sky is the limit.

    Why dont you just make the free app you are allowed for testing, include ALL activities, then see for yourself?
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