Strange authentication error...

Hello, one user has sent me this message:

There is an error  when trying to install  this app.  I am getting that authentication is required please sign into Google. I am signed in. And still getting error message.

I'm not sure what this error is about, but it pretty much looks to me like something related to having two different Google accounts or something of the sort... It does not look like something related to Andromo, but, as I am not sure, I wanted to put it here in case someone has gone through something similar and can give me some additional info...

The app is just a regular Andromo app with a few Website and Html Archive activities, I don't know what is this authentication thing and have never used it, and no user ever complained about this before... Could someone bring some light upon this error?


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    That isn't anything to do with Andromo itself. It probably has nothing to do with your app, but in any case, you need way more info. Where, when, what, how. The only thing I can even think of, is literally when clicking install on a Google Play but not being logged into their Google account. Of course that is required...
  • Thank you for your reply, colinadams. True, as it seemed likely, the problem hadn't anything to do with Andromo; the user told me later that the app now works flawlessly, "after appling an antivirus and using a different browser", so who knows what was happening there... Anyways, thank you for your kind help.
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