New Dashboard Item Styles - Upgrading old projects



  • @stephyap, your example didn't show up. If you were trying to attach a screenshot, could you try again, or maybe open a support ticket to do so?

    Alternately, a more elaborate description of what you mean might be helpful. Thanks!
  • @stephyap thanks, we are indeed planning to add a style similar to that "button grid" look.
  • that sounds very good for me. I tried to made a wide image in that style, but the background never shines trough. all my apps are in that style, so its a lot of time to make new "grafics". you made my day!

    i have tried a lot in the meantime, but they look very colorful and not "cleaned up" - in german I woud say "aufgeräumt"

    it would also be fine, if wie could take effect of automatic colour settings and all styles are able to set dark or light/transparent.

    is there already a date for these styles?

  • edited August 2017
    @stephyap no eta yet, but I will be starting work on the background effects either today or tomorrow.

    (Now that we have the basic v5 platform up we've been aiming to make quicker/smaller updates, so that users can benefit from fixes as soon as we make them.)
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