New Dashboard Item Styles - Upgrading old projects

With Andromo v5, we’ve gone from having 4 dashboard layout options (Classic, List, Button Grid and Gallery) to almost 50 of them!

The first thing you'll want to do is go check out our Blog Post - New Dashboard Styles in Andromo v5 - for screenshots of each and every variation. Go there now!

Take a look at all of the options you now have available to you. Then in your Andromo project, simply select the “Item Style” you would like to use on the Dashboard tab.

You’ll notice that there are 3 main categories of styles: Card, Grid and List.

Within each category, read the description to see what kind of images you will need to provide for each of your Activities: Either “wide image”, “square image” (note: this can even be your old Andromo v4 transparent PNG icon files you might be used to – but we’d really recommend that you upgrade your apps to using higher quality JPG photos), or we have provided 900+ Google Material Design “drawer icons” that you can use.

I love the old square icons from Andromo v4... How do I make my app use them?

Well, the whole point of this new release is to make your apps look better. We've gone to great lengths to help you do that, following Google's Material Design Guidelines. They know what they are talking about... You can now use beautiful photographic images to represent your activities instead of very restrictive "icons".

However, no problem. We aim to please...

1. Set your Dashboard Item Style to "List: square image + title subtitle"

2. Then on your Activities, simply set the "Square image" to supply your old 'icon" graphics (PNG with alpha is supported).

Icons are so "yesterday". I want my app to look great!

If you're making a new app - don't bother with "icon" graphics. They're outdated and look like it. Instead, focus on using photos to represent your activities. Either as "Feature" images or "Wide" images, or as "Square" photos - not "icons". That means something very specific and "old".

Go with photos and your apps can look like this (Card: wide image + title subtitle description):

Read the blog post for screenshots:



  • Any idea why, even when we select square image as icon, all icons show up with same icon as in the drawer?
  • @anteos I'm having this same problem. I tried list: icon and list: square. list:icon shows the same icon as the drawer, and list:square shows a solid blue colored square instead of the square icons I uploaded.
  • @anteo, @nephih - We're looking into the square image problem.
  • @darryl Thank you! That would be really helpful. :)
  • We have updated the names in the Dashboard Item Styles dropdown so they are much more human readable now. We're working on screenshots too.
  • The square image problem has been fixed today.
  • Great work, B)
  • Why is it when I select card: wide image, it shows my feature image instead of the wide image?
  • is there a chance to create a look like the old button grid?
    I love the look of my app and wish to save the style..
    the new version is not user-friendly, please make screenshots of all possible settings... to reduce the time, that I have to try and even stay horrified :-(
  • Great, its awesome update.
    With material design, native ads is very possible to implemented. @colinadams do you have plan to add admob native ads to andromo v5?
  • colinadams

    Great work, 100%.
  • @olique Thanks! Glad you're liking the upgrade. That's one of the huge benefits of the new redesign. It makes it possible for us to expand Andromo much more easily. Lots of new things planned for the future. Admob native ads is on the list.

    @mon73 Thanks!
  • Why is it when I select card: wide image, it shows my feature image instead of the wide image?

    @atlas Do you have a "wide" image set to "custom" and uploaded in your Activity? The default setting for "Wide image" us "Use feature image" ... Generally, that's actually what you want though. Seldom will you want to upload three different images for an activity. If you only upload a "feature" image photo, Andromo will automatically resize and crop it as needed.

  • @colinadams Wow this will be more awesome with native ads. Can it also added intertitial/native ads on the exit app?
  • @colinadams: thank you for the link to the screenshots in the blog.
    please also link them into knowledgebase. so, it is clear witch style we prefer.

    I like the Navigation Drawer.

    how can I place a image into the dashboard header?
    I*ve build 17 test-apps and can't find it out.

  • I cant seem to figure out how to upload background images for either dashboard or activities. is even still an option or am i limited to solid colors for backgrounds ?

  • @vwmto  In the new builder (version 5) there is no option to place background images on the dashboard, something which we as a community were pretty loud about it, but the Andromo staff said that they are working on getting back that option.
  • @ stephyap Yes, you can have a header image on the Dashboard and also now on any Activity. That's what the "Feature Image" is for. Set it to "Custom" then upload your image.
  •  Do I have to now put back in every icon? That's insane. I just want it back like it was. How do I do that without completely re-building my app from scratch? I'm not sure I even have all the icons anymore, and I just want to update my app with one new URL. Are you saying I have to manually put in all 25 icons now to do this?

    If I can't keep my old look easily, If to update just one URL I have to find and re-import all icons,  I'm stopping my subscription. It's insane to punish the few who want to keep the old look to update to a new look. You should make both possible.

  • @freedomfeens You can access your old icon images using the link at the bottom of the activity's properties page in the section labeled "Legacy Images". Activity Icons no longer exist and have been replaced with feature, wide and square images that can be used to represent the activity on the various available dashboard item styles along with a drawer icon that can be shown in the drawer.

    If you like the way your app is now, then there is no need to build it again with Andromo v5. Your apps will not expire or stop working.

    I understand that there is some work to be done if you want to update your apps to meet Google's Material Design standards. It's not possible to simply make it look like v4, because, well, that look isn't compatible with 2017 standards. They look like 2011 and users know it.

    If you do decide to make your apps look more modern though, the process can be as simple as using one of the "drawer icon" styles for your Dashboard. You can even turn the dashboard off and just use the Navigation drawer which is how many apps work for navigation - no "dashboard" at all. That's how fast you can migrate an old project over.

    This blog post will show you what you can do:

    If you want to re-use your old "icons" as "square" images, you would need to follow the advice up top (download the Legacy Images if you don't have them backed up yousefl), but I would highly recommend you look into the "card" styles instead.

  • @colinadams - thank you very much for that great support.

    I think I got it.  :3

    great work! so we are more flexible as the old version was.

    waiting till background images are back and hope it will fit with material light and look like the old transparent background visibility. otherwise I have to tinker a "few" new graphics :p

  • edited July 2017
    @stephyap the background image will be displayed without any of the "frosting" options we had previously -- instead, users will be expected to provide images that ensure sufficient contrast with the text colors they choose. So, it will be similar to the "transparent" option from v4.

    However, I am planning to make use of a gradient scrim to darken the image gradually near the bottom of the page when ads are enabled. I've been trying to get confirmation from AdMob that extending the background image behind the ad area is in line with the spirit of their policies, but so far I haven't had any luck getting AdMob to even address the question. (Sigh.)

    (We could technically offer a choice of whether or not to add a darkening "text scrim" effect over the entire background image, but we'd prefer not to add too many settings; the mental space taken up by any additional theme settings should be reserved for very important things.)

  • @lorne Users rarely understand how much work there is at the back-end of any simple tiny change, like the re-addition of the background images.
    Especially when it comes to compliance with Admob and in general Google rules, things start getting serious.
    Thanks for thinking it through a wide perspective and double-checking everything for us!

  • Oops, forgot to ask something. Based on the fact that the platform is now way more versatile, is there chance the background images we have requested can be uploaded only once in the app, and then used in any activities? This would save our app from going too large from repetitive same images.
  • Gutted that there will be no frosting effect, that was pretty cool. I'm sure you guys will do your best with the background image feature. Thanks @lorne ;
  • @rottencorpse1976: the frosting effect is actually something you could apply to the image itself if you wanted it across the full image like that.

    We will add some new item styles that allow the background image to show through in various ways. The more modern approach is to actually use a translucent "scrim" layer to darken the image slightly, and to always use white text, but we might offer other styles (now or in the future) as well.
  • Would it be possible to have screenshots of the new YouTube activity layouts?
  • when may we expect these new item styles, that allow the background image to show through?

    I still miss even a grid: square image (+ titel, 2 columns), that looks like grid: wide image + title, 2 columns

    for example:

  • Love the new updates to Andromo, making our apps look way more professional.
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