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I Apologies

I owe you guys an apology. I was a bit negative at first with regards to the update, I guess it was more shock than anything else, When I logged into my Andromo account I was a little overwhelmed at first. Now that I have given it a few days to figure it out it is a really awesome update and you guys have worked really hard to give us some really cool tools.. To anybody else that is a little frustrated, just give it a few days to play around and you too will love it.. Thanks again Andromo peeps...


  • Awesome! That's great to hear. A ton of time (2 years?) has gone into this and a massive effort. Hey, there is more work to do to make it super easy to understand for our "old timers" :) , and we hear you. But under the hood there are crazy smarts in Andromo 5 that will help you make waaaaay better apps with a lot less work than before. All of the auto palette color matching is insane. You'll make great looking apps without having to actually know why they look so good...

    We really do appreciate the feedback!
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