google termination of my accounts

Hi i've been using andromo in the last couple of months and i recently lost 4 of my gp accounts at once (i use a method to open as much gp accounts as i want) i know some of you will say duh you lost those accounts due to having multiple accounts, but strangely that aint the reason the werid thing is that i only lost the account that had andromo apps in them and i think that the reason why is that it might be the package name because it shows the dev serial number .(beacuase i'm using the basic subscription i'm not allowed to change the package name ) or maybe the andromo signing key 


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    No, you just did something wrong with your apps.
    I have many accounts, have the standard subscription too, and even though I did have some apps suspended in the past for copyrighted images usage, the accounts are still alive.
    Of course if my suspended apps reach 3, that account will be banned. That is not a problem of Andromo, it is a problem of what I choose to put in an app.
  • @anteos is 100% correct. He speaks from experience too! Google isn't out to get you - unless you repeatedly violate their policies. If you do that, they will find out eventually and then it's trivial for them to find other apps and if you are really using a "method to open as much gp accounts as i want" then you are in violation of that policy too. Google is in the business of tracking everything you do online. They can certainly track your usage of their own services.

    I'm sorry to hear about your problems but for everyone else, please learn from it. Read Google Play's developer policies and stick to them. It's really not hard and mostly common sense.
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    colinadams i'm not blaming andromo or anything like that so far i had not a single problem with their apps , i'm just saying that they might've tracked my andromo package name this might be why i lost the accounts that had andromo apps only . as for their policies google is unfair and ruthless at first i only had one account i didn't have any suspended app nor any violations until one day they terminated my account due to multiple accounts but that was my first and only account  they dont even warn you or anything if they think that your account should be terminated they will no matter what you do (and i'm sure that a lot of people agree with me on this point ) .
  • It sounds like they connected your other account to the one which got suspended. Even if the other accounts were clean of any warnings, if the catch you - then they will suspend those accounts because it violates their rules.
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