New Feature Added: Smart migration of projects to v5

OK, here's a surprise for a Friday afternoon in summer. We've listened to the feedback, and we heard you. You wanted a faster and easier way to update your Andromo v4 projects to the new Andromo v5 look. We found a way to get you most of the way there, without you having to lift a finger.

When you go look at a project that has not been updated since v5 was released (June 28, 2017), we have updated your project and set the "Dashboard item style" for you, to match up with the closest v5 style that uses square images.

Then, for any Activity that has not been updated since June 28, 2017, we have automatically updated it for you to set the "square image" to your old legacy icon image.

You can easily override all of this of course, but you now have a much better starting point for migrating your projects to a full on material design experience!

We of course recommend that you consider upgrading the images in your project when you get a chance. The old activity "icons" were only 256x256. Andromo v5 now supports full high-res photos (up to 1440x1440) to represent your activities. Plus, the new "Card" style dashboards are much more modern. But, you can now do that on your own schedule.


  • That's amazing, well done!
  • Great news, thank you all.
  • How possible is it that you show the square icon of each activity at the Activities Tab as it was before? Now we only see the drawer icon and need to double check inside if the icon is set properly.
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