Andromo App Maker v5.0.4 is live!

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Andromo App Maker for Android version 5.0.4 has been released.

Here is a list of changes in this version release:

  • Fixed an issue with AdMob banners where the returned ad size was larger than the provided ad space resulting in no ad displaying on some sized devices.
  • Fixed a bug where the Norwegian language translations were not being used correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with several Drawer Icon options that would cause a build failure if chosen.
  • Added a "Use legacy icon image" option to the Square Image dropdown menu for Activities created using Andromo v4. Moving forward, you should upload higher quality images (Andromo v4 limited you to square 256x256 icon graphic files). Andromo v5 now supports high resolution photo quality 1440x1440 images... However, for quick project updates, this new feature should save some time migration old projects over to v5!
  • Added smart migration of projects to Andromo v5. For any project that has not been updated since v5 was released, we have updated your project and set the "Dashboard item style" for you, to match up with the closest v5 style that uses Square Images. Then, for any Activity that has not been updated, we have set the "Square Image" to be your old legacy icon image. Moving forward we recommend you update your images to new higher quality versions and investigate the 50 new awesome looking Material dashboard styles that are now available.
Andromo App Maker for Android v5.0.4 is now live at



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    FYI - New background images feature is almost complete. Should be another week or two...
  • Is it possible to turn off the automatic reload of web pages within the app when you switch between portrait and landscape orientation? Chrome don't do that.
  • I'm excited about the feature (background images)

    You're great, thank you.
  • Me too.. excited to have background images back!
  • @colinadams can we have sync function for andromo?
  • Any ETA on the card height adjustment feature? I'm stuck not being able to update my apps until that's implemented.
  • Do you guys think you can implement a Splash Screen? Nothing big, just a full screen image which shows up a few seconds every time the app starts.

    You can make it optional, and perhaps make a setting how many seconds would we like for it to show up.

    I believe it should not be complicated? It is a feature asked by many clients for which we are making apps.
  • Admob Ads Still Not Showing on my own device.
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    I would day this was one big and defiantly good update. Great work !
    Dispute that I have little problem which makes me headache in activity and my icon(s) . There are all blank (can't see image(s) which I choose ) . Since in new app I have a lot of activities   , its really   frustrating without images to see in order. This is list: square image + title subtitle . In previous version this part worked fine.
    Will this be fixed soon ?  Thanks.

  • @chempaka What is a sync feature?

    @atlas Other dashboard styles are on the drawing board, but no ETA for custom card heights. We haven't had any other requests for that...

    @paraglajder Splash screens are really weird in Android apps that have next to zero load time and only "start" very occassionally. You see them in games because of the setup time and the way the OS discards memory hogs. It's on the suggestion list though.

    @pwasim786 Is your devices setup as an AdMob test device? Do you have AdMob ads enabled? Any other ad networks? Where are you located? Is there ad fill available? Is your AdMob account active for more than 48 hours? Same for the admob id? Is your account banned? Lots of reasons an ad will not show up... Be specific and repeatable.

    @mww_apps Glad you are liking it. That column you have circled is called "Drawer Icon". Nothing to fix - That is what is being displayed from your Activity in that list. It's simply a bit of help for you to quickly identify your Activity name when editing your project. What is shown in your app on say the Dashboard, depends on what Dashboard Item Style you have defined: Wide image, Square Image or Drawer Icons.
  • @colinadams According to Lorne, he already wrote the update, it just hasn't been deployed yet...
  • Would it be possible to add an option to remove caching from the RSS feeds? 
  • @atlas I think your wording made @colin think you meant something else. There won't actually be a setting to control the card height; it will be an alternative item style you can choose (with shorter cards).

    We will probably have a few more item styles in the next update, including some simple styles for people using background images.
  • BTW, although the next update will add basic support for background images, we have some additional updates planned for the future that will make using background images even better. Stay tuned... :)
  • @colinadams I understand and I agree with you that there is no point of placing a splash screen in an app which loads in less than a second. The only reason I am suggesting this is because my clients feel better when they see an image with their logo a few seconds once the app starts :)

    I know it sound useless and I agree with you, but I am just passing my clients' requests to you, not to mention that other app builders already offer this, so you guys might consider it. People just feel better when their logo in a splash screen is shown a few seconds immediately once the app starts... And they are asking for it. It is one of the first questions I get: "Will the app have a splash screen?" They don't care if the app loads immediately and it doesn't need one no matter how hard I explain that to them.

    Thank you for your communication by the way, I appreciate it.
  • @colinadams @lorne Please make dashboard item style grid be responsive when orientation on user device is landscape (like v4). It will be more beautiful, especially for us that still use icon images from previous andromo version.

    For now, when I'm using item style grid square image 4 columns and orientation set to landscape, the images will become blurred, because the image is forced to be enlarged to become 4 columns.

    It would be great if the columns that follow the image depend on the width of each device (like v4 does)

  • @gangbang it's actually using the same code for calculating the number of columns as it did in v4 -- there is currently an issue with the column calculations when small images like icons are used; it's something on our list to look into after the backgrounds are done.
  • Hello Sir, My Admob Account is Working Fine.
    I Had few Apps which were created by previous version 4. In those Apps I Set My Device as Admob Test Device. Admob is Showing Test Banner and Interstitial for that App. 

    But I Create two New Apps for Testing Version 5. I doesn't Implement Test Device ID in one New App. And Implement in other One. But On My Device neither it Showing Test Banner Ad or Real Banner Ad. Just Showing Blank Space In Place Of Banner which is Usually Big than Admob Ad Banner Space.
  • @lorne That's great news, because besides "column calculations", I am also waiting for dashboard background images with repeat function like v4. Hopefully not too long to take time. Keep the good work and have a nice day.

  • @pwasim786 Please open a support ticket and include the following information:

    - Whether or not you are seeing interstitials in your app. In other words is it just banners that are not showing or both.
    - Confirmation that the Ad Unit ID is of type "Banner" in your AdMob account and not one of the other types and that it is present in the banner field and that the IDs are not mixed up.
    - Attach a copy of the app you've built where you're seeing the problem.
    - The exact model of device you're seeing the issue on.
    - Whether or not you've tried your app on any other device and what the results were.
  • @gangbang we aren't planning on providing the repeat and tile options in v5, just the standard background image. So, you will need to create a large square image containing the image repeated within it using an image editor, if you need a similar effect.
  • @lorne I don't know about how repeat function in images work on android, but when on web, that is really helpful because can reduce load time and file size. Hopefully you can consider adding this feature.

    I also realized that the share button on audio activity (when user long press the activity) still useless. Because when user do that, it only share text "I'm listening to: [Title Activity]".

    Maybe you can change that to share audio file? it would be great.

    But if still share the text only, crossed 2 things in my mind :
    1. Give us option to change the text
    2. Make generic one like : I'm using [app name] app, download [app name] now on [play store link]

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    @colinadams The sync feature is in the other word:  when i have made a changes of the app in the andromo system, the respective app that i have already uploaded in the playstore will be automatically updated and I've no need  to generate new apk to re-upload to the playstore.
  • @colinadams I keep waiting for the background images features, then i will upload a new apps.
  • @chempaka Andromo creates real Android apps (Android SDK, coded 100% in Java), and not HTML "apps". They need to be compiled and uploaded to Google Play like any other real app. Of course, if you want to limit yourself to just online content like RSS feeds and website activities, those will automatically pull in the current online content of course.
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    @colliadams ; I am also using other appbuilder in creating my apps.  If let say I want to do some small changes like changing the images in the wallpaper app. I only need to do the sync function. Then it will automatically synchronize into the app  that I 've already upload in playstore.
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