Airbop and Google Play

Google suspended my app saying I was impersonating someone else. Pretty sure I'm me. Question is, does my app have to be in Google Play in order for messages to work in Airbop?  They used to work so not sure. Everything is correct but they keep failing. Thanks.


  • You should read the notice that Google sent you again. "Impersonation" is about you making an app that trades off of someone else's intellectual property... You'll need to contact Google about that though to get clarification and fix the problem. Be sure to re-read Google's developer policy and get very familiar with them.

    As to your AirBop question, what do you mean by "failing" exactly? It's certainly possible for Google to disable your GCM keys if they ban an app from Google Play though... You will want to regenerate your keys with Google and in your app if that is the case.
  • I've regenerated the keys several times, then created a whole new project. At first the messages were saying sent, but also that they they all failed in the respective column. There was no error code. Now I'm getting a 401 after generating new keys. Enough to drive you crazy.

    As for my app, it's a shoutcast app for my station which I've had for years. There's plenty of them in google play. Published fine in Amazon and Galaxy Essentials. I saw a post about  enabling the google signing or something. That may have been the problem. Maybe they thought I was impersonating Andromo. Don't know.
  • I'm not sure why you are posting here on the public community forums and also submitting support tickets for the same issue... It creates twice the work. Please choose one or the other. Thanks.

    A 401 error indicates that one or more of IDs you've entered is incorrect. For existing apps in the Google Console, the problem is almost certainly caused because you created an "Android key" instead of a "Browser key".

    I'd suggest going over the following article again to make sure you've followed the instructions exactly:

    Make sure you're copying the values from the "Cloud Messaging" tab of your Firebase project's settings, and not one of the other tabs.

    Make sure you are generating a 'Browser Key', not a 'Server Key' or an 'Android Key'. Also make certain that there is nothing entered in the "Allowed Referrers (web sites)" box.

    If you are currently using a Browser key, you'll want to "regenerate" the key.

    Once you've regenerated your key, update it in AirBop and try again.

    If you've checked the above settings and regenerating your key didn't work, I'd suggest trying the Firebase console instead using the following instructions:

    I saw a post about enabling the google signing or something. That may have been the problem.

    If you are using Andromo, your apps are already signed. Do not enable that.

    Maybe they thought I was impersonating Andromo. Don't know.

    That is definitely not your problem. Read this again:

    Only Google can tell you why they flagged your app though. Contact them to get assistance, as I have no inside knowledge of their process. It can be an issue with your app, content in your app, app icons, activity icons, description, text in your app etc. If you truly own all of the IP, then you need to make your case to Google. Don't ignore their email.

  • Was my first time posting in here. Then I got an email, replied and didn't see it in the forum. I understand how it works now and thanks for your help. Airbop is working.
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