Having just read through the terms and conditions there is something there which worries me about launching my app with Andromo.  Regardless of which app you send to the marketplace, there is a clause on the Andromo T&C which gives them the exclusive rights to SELL YOUR APP without your permission.  It might not be the case that they would actually do this but the clause is there. 

I would be dubious about any company who applies such a clause to a design they did not create.  Unfortunately with that in mind I may be having second thoughts to using this company in order to create my applications.  Such a shame, good idea, good interface, easy to use but once again greed prevails.


  • Hi @armstrongcreative what clause are you referring to? I can assure you that no one here has any plans on selling any of our Andromo developer's apps.

  • Interesting, is there a clause that means that if you sell the company to some corporate it means that your apps go too and they could then do whatever they want with them?
  • That is completely untrue. We have no interest in 'selling your app' and we have no license to sell your content.
  • If you don't have an intent in selling the apps or its content then what is the purpose of the clause? :-S
  • @esper_5170 Which clause are you referring to specifically?
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